My name is Olivia Urbanowski. I am a trained engineer who spent over 10 years working in business development, from starting as a management consultant, then founding an e-commerce company, next building from scratch a marketing strategy and putting it into execution, and finally supporting international clients in their projects as a business development and marketing consultant. 

Having worked with so many different companies, from start-ups to multinational corporations, from consumer products manufacturers and retailers to SaaS providers and even engineering companies, in multiple European countries, I have come to believe successful business development can only come through the reconciliation of the geeks and the creative minds.

Combining a strong technical background maintained up-to-date thanks to regular trainings and a years-long experience in the "creative" field, I offer you my services for your projects in business development: from market research and competition assessment, via digital marketing strategy down to customer relationship management.

I can cover any English-, German-, French-, Polish- or Spanish-speaking area.



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Munich, Germany - Paris, France - Warsaw, Poland

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