What is digital transformation? It is about using IT to support and enhance your business.

In most companies IT should be a tool to make business easier, not a black box which creates even more constraints for your employees.

I worked for over three years as a management consultant in a top consulting firm, where I learned a structured and effective approach to problem solving -  I have been applying this to everything I do since. 


This is the methodology I want to use to help you with your IT challenges.

But most importantly I have seen how projects fail - each actor speaks a different language and people just don't seem to understand each other.

As a trained engineer who has worked in IT, marketing, sales, operations and as an entrepreneur, I speak all of these languages.

If you want your digital transformation to be a success I am here as your professional consultant and global interpreter. 

Together let us tailor the best approach to fit your goals - in a language everybody speaks!


Digital transformation is also about being present online. Unfortunately, many companies launch a website "because we have to" but don't really know what to do with it.

For two years I was in charge of the marketing of an IT-service company. I built the whole marketing strategy of the company, from budget calculation, target & message (re)definition, planning, down to campaigns execution and content writing. 

Over the years, I built multiple websites - service websites, e-commerce shop - each time hand-in-hand with developers - then worked on how to make the most of them, thanks to tools like Google Analytics, Google Ads etc.

If you know you have to do more online, but don't really know how to do it, or if it's actually worth it, I am here to guide and accompany you. 

Together we will define your goals, your budget and your priorities, build a strategy and a plan, find the right partners and built an online presence tailor-made to fit your needs.


Companies are people first and foremost. User acceptance is key to successful change - in tools, processes and organization. 


I have worked on multiple projects with a focus on company internal and external communication, using among others marketing methods. As a consultant specifically qualified in change management I can help with the introduction and ensure the acceptance of new processes by the people in your organization.

If you keep bouncing from project to project without successful user acceptance, if your colleagues have the feeling of working in a silo, of not really being up-to-date - especially if they are spread across different sites and countries - I am here to help you.


Let us sit together and build a successful communication strategy to fit your company culture and your needs.


As the founder of an e-commerce start-up in the fashion industry I have thorough first-hand understanding of the challenges of entrepreneurship.

I have multi-year experience as a software sales manager all across Europe and have a solid experience in sales strategy, new market research and key account management.

I master five European languages - English, German, French, Spanish and Polish - all at a professional level.

Thanks to years of experience as a management consultant I have a good knowledge and understanding of supply chain management and product lifecycle management.

I invite you to check my full resume.

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