Business Development is a vast field, and each company has its own definition of the scope it covers. However, regardless of whether it's about strategic vision or field sales, the first step towards a success story is always knowing your market. 

For me, it's all about analyzing the market and finding out the best approach for you to develop your business.

Here are a few examples of topics I have worked on:

  • Market structure assessment, analysis and presentation

  • Competition analysis

  • Assessment of development potential

  • Development of optimum sales approaches based on market specifics

  • Branding - name, logo and positioning choices

Stock Market Graph
Stock Market Graph


Stock Market Graph
Stock Market Graph


We live in the age of data. We have now capabilities to collect data like never before; the key is to know what to do with it. 

For me, the starting point should always be: what do I want to achieve? How can I make sur I did?

There are two types of data I worked with.

  • Data for monitoring. Projects I did include:

    • Analysis and selection of KPIs for dashboards at an executive level

    • Set-up of KPIs for activity monitoring at an operational level, such as monitoring of marketing campaigns

  • Data for analysis, operational development and/or optimization. There are many experts and tools on the market which specialize in any field and I am not a developer nor an expert data cruncher. However, these tools and often the techies working on them won't help you build a proper strategy, which was the objective of a few projects I have worked on:

    • Development of a CRM strategy for connected products based on collected data about customer behavior

    • Set-up of an S&OP Excel-tool to improve sales forecasts and ultimately optimize production prioritization and stock management

Make the most of your website
Make the most of your website

Investment Chart
Investment Chart

Make the most of your website
Make the most of your website


Digital Marketing, just like Business Development, is a vast field, covering from strategy definition to production of content.

In my career I've had the chance to work on the whole value chain of digital marketing. The way I approach marketing is highly influenced by my engineering background: all I build must have a clear target and a way to monitor progress and achievements - I call it marketing by the numbers.

Here are a few examples of topics I tackled:

  • Definition of marketing strategy from A to Z

  • (Re-) Design of websites & definition of online presence strategy

  • (Re-) Definition of CRM strategy

  • Set-up and monitoring of ad campaigns on Social Media - LinkedIn, Facebook

  • Monitoring of agencies for content production

  • Mailing

Business Team
Business Team

Globalization concept
Globalization concept

Business Team
Business Team


What is actually a management consultant?

It is someone who is bent to the exercise of coming to a new company he doesn't know, learning fast about the key characteristics of the business, understanding the organization, its strengths and weaknesses; assessing and analyzing the situation, identifying improvement areas; and ultimately helping the customer set up projects to achieve his goals. 

Starting my career as a management consultant has armed me with the right methodology and tools to tackle any problem using a structured approach, a high dose of curiosity and diligence, and communication skills to address C-level stakeholders.

A lot of the projects I worked on tackle the question of digital transformation: assess the situation, design a target, find the right tools to achieve said-target, and last but not least support the change in the company.

I am also certified as a SPC - SAFe Program Consultant, Scaled Agile Framework for Enterprises.

Some of the projects I have worked on include:

  • Set up of digital transformation projects, on multiple topics:

    • Product Lifecycle Management​

    • Supply Chain Management

    • Sales Forecasts

    • Purchasing

    • Logistics​

    • ...

  • Support to change management​ and internal communication:

    • Transformation projetcs/program communication strategy & roadmap​

    • Trainings

    • Agile / SAFe coaching

  • Support to IT projects:

    • Tool selection

    • Trainings

The Wall of Ideas
The Wall of Ideas

Contact me for more
Contact me for more

The Wall of Ideas
The Wall of Ideas




French - native

English - bilingual
German - bilingual
Polish - fluent (2nd native)
Spanish - business fluent (DELE C1)


Household appliances

Consumer electronics
Wine & alcohol, cosmetics – luxury goods


MS Office (advanced user)
R Programming

Data Analytics


Communication and networking
Conceptual thinking 

Pragmatism in problem solving
Adaptability and reliability

Quick learner


Project management


Digital Marketing

Data Analytics

B2B Sales - account management




Travel & foreign cultures
Outdoor sports (skiing, kitesurfing, triathlon...)

Fitness trainer at Thomas Sport Center, Munich


Munich, Germany - Paris, France - Warsaw, Poland

+49 1573 0066733

+33 7 66 60 33 60

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